How much credit do I get?

Loans are a popular option when there are financial constraints. A loan can be used to compensate for these quickly and at a very low cost today. However, consumers always ask themselves the question in advance:

How much credit do I actually get?

Because not every consumer can get a quick loan. First of all, you should be aware that there are different types of loans. These differ from each other in many ways.


Budget bill

Budget bill

You should also know in advance how much credit you can afford. To do this, a budgetary bill should first be made. This will help you quickly find out how much credit is possible. you can download our free template for the household bill as a PDF. You can find free tips on how to fill out the household bill correctly.

Once you have completed the household bill and now know what financial resources you have available monthly to repay a loan, you can apply for your loan.


Apply for credit

Apply for credit

In order not to make any mistakes when filling out the application form, we have provided you with a PDF with tips on how to apply for a loan. Basically, the online form for a loan request is easy and understandable.

Of course, the creditworthiness data also play an important role when granting a loan. Also in terms of interest. Because most of the interest rates that are given online are interest rates dependent on creditworthiness. This means that the better the credit rating, the better the interest rate and the cheaper the loan.

In order to be well prepared for borrowing, we have a clear checklist that contains all the important points. You can save this as a PDF here.


Find credit online with no upfront costs

Find credit online with no upfront costs

You can find your desired loan online conveniently and quickly via a comparison portal. Thanks to modern processes (eg document upload or video identification), this works in just a few steps, from requesting a condition to comparing offers and lending. Your advantage: You can apply for a loan online without any upfront costs, because not only the request for various conditions, but also the offer overview created for you are made possible free of charge. In addition, free credit advice is usually offered through the comparison portals, which is available to answer all your questions about your loan.

Tip: Many online loan brokers offer you the free use of a loan calculator, which you can use to plan your loan precisely using any number of sample calculations. This will give you a better understanding of how the loan term, loan amount and monthly rate affect each other.

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